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Feeding Kids Newsletter Archive

Updates and Newsletters 

Feeding Kids Newsletter Archive

June 2011 Issue
MyPlate Teaching Tools
Wacky Snacks 
Underground Veggies
Roasted Potato Medley
Updates from Connie
News in Brief
Lesson Plans from CFAITC
Recent Studies of Interest
Recommended: AAP reports

March 2011 Issue
Dietary Guidelines 2010
Choosing Nutrient-Packed Foods
Recipes: Healthy Dips
Updates from Connie
News in Brief: 

Celebrate National Nutrition Month
Americans and Food Hardship
Recent Studies of Interest
Recommended: Kids Eat Right

December 2010 Issue
Pushing the "Reset Button" on Family Health Habits 
Recipe: Broccoli Potato Soup
Updates from Connie
Healthy Holiday Tips from FK Readers 
News in Brief: 

Let's Move Salad Bars to Schools
Fast Food F.A.C.T.S. Releases new report
Recent Studies of Interest
Recommended: Garden ABCs News in Brief:

September 2010 Issue
Start the School Year with Healthy Habits (free download)
Teacher Tip: Healthy Eating for Teens
After School Snacking Reminders
Updates from Connie
Nutrition Minute Tips from FK Readers
News in Brief:

Produce for Kids Contest 
Food Safety Month 
Recent Studies of Interest
Recommended: Rethinking Nutrition

May/June 2010 Issue
A Nutrition Minute A Day!
Fabulous Fruit Salsa
News in Brief:

Activity and School Performance
Recent Studies of Interest
Recommended: National Get Outdoors Day

March 2010 Issue
March is a great month for...
Nutrition Education Toolkit 
Kids Snack Maze
News in Brief:

Apps for Healthy Kids
Recent Studies of Interest
Recommended: FitCity Online 

December 2009 Issue
20 in 2010! (free handout)
Sweet! 5 delicious ways to use sweet potatoes
Early Childhood Resources
News in Brief:

Too Many Ads
Recent Studies of Interest
Recommended: Food Reflections newsletter

August 2009 Issue
10 Steps to Eating Green
Perfectly Personal Pizza: Copy-Ready Recipe
Updates from Connie
News in Brief:

New WIC Food Packages
Recent Studies of Interest
Recommended: Rockstar Nutritionist has a new CD for kids

May 2009 Issue
For Kids Only: Find Your Food Style
Veggies for Breakfast: Recipe and copy-ready handout 
Teaching Nutrition is as easy as A-B-C! 
News in Brief:

Produce for Kids: Spring Campaign
Recent Studies of Interest
Recommended Site: Michigan Team Nutrition Booklist

February 2009 Issue
Ten Tips for Healthy Snacking
Recipe: Italian Bean Bruschetta
Updates from 24 Carrot Press:

November 2008 Issue
Year-end thoughts from Connie
Music with a Food Messages
Updates from 24 Carrot Press
News in Brief:

MyPyramid for Preschoolers
Kellogg's Launches new L.A.U.N.C.H. Curricula
Exposure the key to boosting fruits and veggies in schools

September 2008 Issue
Free Bean Lesson Plan
For Kids Only: Move It!

Every Body Eats resource materials

Spring 2008 Issue
Handout: Are you a BBB (best bone builder)?
Fun Ways to be a Fit Family
Recipe: Honey Mustard Salmon
News in Brief:

CFAITC Releases Teacher's Guide
Advice to Teen Girls: Put down that magazine! 

Winter 2008 Issue
Fruit & Veggie Fun for Preschoolers
Digging up Nutritional Roots (history, not vegetables)
Quick Question: Sports Drinks
News in Brief:
Ongoing Research: The Beginnings Study
New Report: Overweight and Obesity in America’s Children
Apples score high in antioxidant content
Rave Review for "Brocc & Roll"