Purchase copy-ready handouts written by registered dietitian
Connie Evers, MS, RD to use with children, teens or adults.

The educator handouts provide valuable, practical information for your clients.

They are also the perfect solution when you are asked to do a last-minute presentation!
Reproduce and place in your cafeteria, office, waiting room or clinic.

The handouts are 81/2" X 11" in PDF format so you can download and copy them from your own computer. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and print the handouts.

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Children's Handouts:


FOOD FUN includes nutrition puzzles and activity ideas. UPDATED 2012, reflects new MyPlate Food Guide

Fuel for Fitness is a nutrition quiz game. UPDATED 2011, reflects new MyPlate Food Guide

Getting kids to eat right has never been this much fun!
These fun activity sheets are geared for children in grades 2nd through 6th.

$5.95 each


Fuel for Fitness



The Best Bone Builder Quiz is a fun way for kids to assess their exercise and calcium habits!


The Fruity Fun handout is designed as a fun way to entice kids to boost their daily fruit intake.

$5.95 each

Are You a BBB (Best Bone Builder)?

Fruity Fun



Fueling for Success: A Guide for Teens
(updated 2011, includes the new MyPlate food guide)


Tested on Teens! This four-page interactive guide offers a practical approach to teaching good nutrition habits to teens.

$9.95 (4 pg. set)


-10 tips for active teens

-Nutrition by the numbers

-Snack Sense

-Fast Food Dining - Make a game plan

-Using MyPlate to assess your nutrition condition

-Tips, facts and recipes





Educator Handouts:


Empower Children for a Lifetime of Good Health
How can we send children positive messages about food and their bodies? Eight tips that serve as important reminders for parents, educators, nutrition professionals and caregivers.



PICKY, PICKY! Tips for coping with a finicky eater
Positive strategies for dealing with a fussy eater.


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