How to Teach Nutrition to Kids

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Teaching nutrition to children early and often is the key to developing healthy eating habits. The fourth edition of How to Teach Nutrition to Kids includes over 200 cross-curricular activities featuring the MyPlate food guide, children’s books, gardening, recipes, food art, label reading, fitness and more.

Fun, integrated, and behavior-focused, How to Teach Nutrition to Kids weaves nutrition education with math, science, language arts, social studies, performing arts, physical education, health education and the school cafeteria.

Packed with ideas that empower children to evaluate nutrition information, make smart food choices and creatively prepare food, this book is used in thousands of schools, hospitals, scouting programs, 4-H, summer camps, and many other youth-focused initiatives.

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ISBN 978-0964797093

Nutrition Fun with Brocc & Roll

Nutrition Fun with Brocc & Roll: A Hands-On Activity Guide Filled with Delicious Learning! combines a discovery approach to learning with a healthy dose of humor. With 42 copy-ready activities, puzzles and recipes, children ages 6-11 learn to assess food and activity habits, set goals for good health, decode advertising and food labels and develop basic cooking and gardening skills. Designed to be used in conjunction with How to Teach Nutrition to Kids, “Brocc & Roll” can also can be used as a stand-alone resource. The second edition features the new MyPlate food guide. Sample activities include making a snack plan, keeping a weekly exercise tally, analyzing food labels, creating wacky snacks and growing an indoor herb garden.

Good for You! Nutrition Book & Games

good for you cover

Created to empower children with the information needed to help make better food choices, Good for You!  combines basic health facts and a playful format of games, recipes, quizzes, and trivia designed to assess children’s knowledge of proper nutrition and guide them to a lifetime of good health.

Good for You! includes fun tips from Lilo and Stitch on how to have your best possible body; an Undergoing Growing Quiz from the Incredibles; tips from Toy Story’s Woody on eating well each day; and fun, kid friendly recipes like Buzz Lightyear’s Nacho Same Old Potato.

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