Growing Kids and Veggies

Nutrition For Kids

Raleigh Park school garden

It’s no secret that I love edible gardening. Growing up on a farm, I was exposed to gardens and fields when I was literally just a sprout. I’m convinced that’s the reason I find it so easy to make “half my plate” (or more) fruits and veggies. As long as you don’t ask me to eat canned peas, I will try just about any fruit or veggie-based dish.

So my goal when I had children was to share this passion and hopefully entice them to enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Starting at age three or four, I allowed my kids to have their own mini-garden patches in the yard. They learned to prepare the soil, chose what to grow, and helped with weeding, watering and of course, harvesting. I’m pretty sure they ate quite a bit of dirt as well – I would often look out and see them…

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