Polenta Stuffed Peppers & Squash

September in Western Oregon is my favorite month in the garden because I finally get to harvest, harvest, harvest! This has been a great year for peppers, squash (summer and winter), green beans, tomatoes, eggplant, onions, herbs and really everything else I planted. I’ve been on a polenta kick lately (Southerners know them as grits) so I began with a

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Digging up Nutritional Roots

Several years ago, as I was sorting through the books at a shop of old treasures near Santa Fe, New Mexico, I came across  a 1941 book titled “Nutrition and Physical Fitness” (3rd edition, W.B. Saunders). Written by noted Kansas State University* nutrition scientist, L. Jean Bogert, Ph.D., the book was not intended as a textbook, but rather, for the “adult with at

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