Connie Liakos, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD is a pediatric and board certified sports science dietitian. She is available for workshops, seminars and presentations at conferences. Connie is skilled at translating current nutrition science into credible and practical advice for educators, health professionals and families. She has a creative presentation style that is hands-on, fun and practical. She has given hundreds of presentations throughout the nation.
Below are a few examples of possible presentation topics and recent workshops.
Nutrition Topics:
· Nutrition Education
· Healthy Family Food Habits
· Fueling the Young Athlete
· Snacking Tips
· Breakfast Research
· Vegetarian Kids
· Healthy & Tasty Cooking Demos
· Gardening with Kids
· Eating Green
· Dairy Foods and Health
· Produce Power
· Whole Grains
Professional Practice:
· Integrating the RD into a Medical Home Pediatric Practice
· Publishing for the Nutrition Professional
· Entrepreneurial Nutrition
Recent Workshops:

Early Childhood

· Playing, Learning, and Growing: Fun Food Activities that reinforce health messages Discover how food activities such as cooking, gardening, games, and role playing can contribute to learning and health.

· Using children’s storybooks as a basis for nutrition education
There are many quality children’s story books that provide food, nutrition, and health messages. This workshop offers numerous examples of how to use children’s literature as the basis for nutrition education lessons

· Creating an Active, Healthy Environment
Design an environment for children which invites discovery learning in the areas of both nutrition and activity/movement. Early childhood educators will takeaway several ideas for setting up play centers which encourage children to make healthful food choices.

Nutrition Education

· Tots, Teens & Everyone In Between! Matching nutrition education strategies to the children you teach
A developmental approach will guide participants in applying appropriate nutrition strategies for specific age levels. This workshop also provides educators with the tools needed to integrate nutrition ideas and activities across the curriculum.

· Create A New Nutrition Culture for Kids
Today’s children face an increasing number of nutrition problems, including fragmented eating habits, poor food choices, obesity and eating disorders. It is our job to counter these trends by creating a new culture for health, one where we role model good eating habits, promote regular and shared meals and rediscover the joy of fun physical movement.

· Eating Well in a Fast-Paced World
Educating families on how to eat more healthfully in our fast-paced environment is often a challenge. Hectic schedules, picky eaters and lack of knowledge about healthy food choices can be frustrating. Participants will receive practical, hands-on resources that can be easily used in a practice setting.


· Advice to Grow on Are you struggling to get your children to eat nutritionally? Is dinner time a battle of wills? Do you and/or your children have weight concerns? Connie will present strategies for raising happy, healthy, fit kids and answer parents’ most common childhood feeding questions.

· Getting kids to eat right has never been this much fun!
Kids accept new foods when they become more involved in shopping, gardening, cooking and other fun learning activities. Learn dozens of ways you can involve children in fun hands-on health activities.

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