Creating a new nutrition culture for children

I recently participated in a webcast with Susan Bagby, MD, who is currently the chair of the outreach committee at the OHSU Bob and Charlee Moore Institute for Nutrition & Wellness.

The Moore Institute’s central commitment is to reduce the prevalence of chronic diseases across the lifespan in current and future generations by promoting healthy, nutrient-rich diets based on whole-foods in early life – before conception, during pregnancy and lactation, and in infancy and early childhood.

Dr. Bagby discussed research on the Developmental Origin of Health and Disease and why it is important to begin with children in directing a positive multi-generational nutrition flow. I provided an overview of children’s nutrition and discussed how to engage kids in a meaningful way.

Webinar Overview:transgenerational nutrition flow

  • A snapshot of our children’s health
  • The Developmental Origin of Health and Disease (and why it’s important to reach children with this message)
  • How to engage children and elicit behavior change
  • Lots of fun examples!
  • How YOU can be a part of creating change
Click here for the slide deck that accompanies the webinar.
View the webinar.

webcast screenshot

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