It’s Apple Time!

I recently wrote about two of my favorite fall foods – apples and butternut squash.  So I was delighted to receive samples of a new variety of apple grown here in the Pacific Northwest.  The Autumn Glory apple is a healthy treat that somehow has naturally achieved subtle notes of caramel and cinnamon.autumn-glory-fall

I was curious to see how this variety was developed so I did a bit of apple genealogy research. Autumn glory’s “parents” are Fuji (a sweet and crisp cultivar) and Golden Delicious (yellow and sweet).  This also explains the vibrant red and yellow colors of the Autumn Glory.

The Autuautumn-glory-with-pbmn Glory apple pairs well with nut butters, resulting in the perfect fall snack for kids.  In my work with families, I like to emphasize the importance of using snack time  as an opportunity for adding to the daily fruit or vegetable tally. Most kids require at least 2 cups total fruit each day and a medium sized apple will meet half this requirement.  Apples are also a great way to add much-needed fiber to the diet so make sure to enjoy the skin as well as the flesh.

Are you an educator interested in featuring apples as part of your curriculum? The California Ag in the Classroom has a great list of apple themed books for use in elementary classrooms.

Disclosure:  I received a sample box of Autumn Glory apples.  All opinions are my own and I received no cash compensation for writing this blog.

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