Eating a Loaf of Bread a Day!

Could you eat a loaf of bread every day for 90 days? Would you even want to? Yes, I know it sounds crazy and as a dietitian, not something I would generally recommend. Enter Lin Carson, Ph.D. She is a Portland based food scientist, mom and triathlete who runs the company Bakerpedia, a fantastic resource for the baking industry. She knows about all things baking! And Lin was tired of hearing about how wheat, gluten and bread are allegedly bad for everyone’s health.*  So she decided to fight back and begin an experiment (on herself) to see what would happen if she ate a loaf of bread every day for 90 days.

Lin contacted me before she began this journey and after my initial shock, I agreed to help guide her meal planning. I advised her to have labs drawn before this started and she weighs herself weekly. Follow her journey at She is also recording podcasts and you can hear my assessment on her progress below. (I join the conversation around 10 minutes, 40 seconds).

*For those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance/sensitivity, avoiding wheat and gluten are medically necessary. Lin’s talking about everyone else.

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