Flavor your February with delicious heart-healthy Foods

Nutrition For Kids


Celebrate American Heart Month with flavor-filled, colorful foods

February is American Heart month, which is a great time to revisit your lifestyle habits and set goalsfor adopting heart healthy habits. Heart disease remains the leading killer in the US for women and men alike. We also know that heart disease begins in childhood so adopting healthy family food habits early in life is especially important.

My philosophy about heart healthy eating is a simple one. Eat nutritious foods that look good, taste good and bring enjoyment.

Steer clear of ready-made and fast foods that derive engineered “flavor” from dangerous combinations of fat, salt and sugar. Teach your kids to enjoy real, whole foods and avoid the marketing hype that kids will only eat “kid-friendly foods” such as boxed dinners, greasy pizza and French fries.

Fortunately, eating well does not mean giving up delicious foods. My favorite eating plan is…

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